Thursday, May 21, 2009


I have returned from Kauai. I had a wonderful time as it is a beautiful island! While there, my husband and I attended a church that was built in the 1940's (picture attached) . If anyone knows me they know I love old churches. This one was small and quaint and just seemed so filled with character . The moment I saw it, I told my husband I wanted to attend on Sunday. We did and the Reverend gave a good sermon speaking on Paul and Peter. After the service, cake and juice were served on the front lawn. Talk about quaint! I knew when I saw the Reverend enter the church I would be leaving a book. After cake and small talk in the yard of the church, I went into the sanctuary and left a book with the Reverend. I know God's hand was in this from the beginning. After all, who knows better than He, my love for old churches!

In His service and feeling very blessed,


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