Monday, May 11, 2009

The Cruise; Book number one

Last week I was on a cruise with my husband. Before I went I felt God encourging me to bring two books. I had gone through seven days of the trip and still had both books. On the seventh and last day I woke up thinking of missed oportunities. I thought that maybe I had been so caught up in the wonderful places I was visiting and this beautiful ship I was on, that I had missed who these books were to be given to. My husband and I boarded a small boat and went to the last island we would visit, Cococay. I could not stop thinking about the two books. I spoke to God sitting on the beach that day saying "I want to do your will with the books Lord, and not miss an opportunity". I decided to go look at the things the locals were selling on the beach. I walked through a booth with a Christian music station playing. As I was leaving I told the Lord I wanted to buy something at this booth. Well, something caught my eye just as I was stepping out of the booth, (God is so good) and yes I bought it. The best part was not the cute swimsuit wrap I found, but the man that helped me with the purchase started talking about our Lord and sharing how good He is. I walked away knowing I was coming back to leave the first of the books with him.

Maybe I did miss oppurtunities on this trip, but our God is so good to let us have the opportunity to serve Him again and again. What an honor.

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