Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Cruise; Book number two

Shortly after my first encounter with giving away a book, my husband and I went to the barbeque being served on Cococay for lunch. We sat down with our plates at a picnic table. Beginning to eat, we were joined by a couple who sat across from us. They shared with us that they came with two friends; their Pastor and his wife. I knew this was again, no 'chance' encounter. My thoughts drifted to the book and what God would have me say. Often my nerves get the best of me. I do not want to ever come across as prideful when telling someone I have a book out. I know, without a doubt, this book is His not mine. Even saying the words "I have a book out" is often hard for me. We began talking and shared where we were from, and then their friends joined us. I wrestled with whether or not I should bring the book up. Finally the thought went through my mind that if I did not step out in faith that I might miss the chance for God to use the book and me. I did bring it up and it was well received. I not only left the second book I had brought on the trip with them, but received a call asking for another book to be sent.

God's voice and strength lives inside of all believers and we are often called to step out in faith to do His will. Stepping out will not always be easy but can come with the great blessing of feeling His presence as we do His will.

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