Thursday, May 21, 2009


I have returned from Kauai. I had a wonderful time as it is a beautiful island! While there, my husband and I attended a church that was built in the 1940's (picture attached) . If anyone knows me they know I love old churches. This one was small and quaint and just seemed so filled with character . The moment I saw it, I told my husband I wanted to attend on Sunday. We did and the Reverend gave a good sermon speaking on Paul and Peter. After the service, cake and juice were served on the front lawn. Talk about quaint! I knew when I saw the Reverend enter the church I would be leaving a book. After cake and small talk in the yard of the church, I went into the sanctuary and left a book with the Reverend. I know God's hand was in this from the beginning. After all, who knows better than He, my love for old churches!

In His service and feeling very blessed,


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hawaii 2009

I am off to Hawaii today. My husband was given a condo to use on Kauai and we had more air miles. He thought it would be fun to surprise me. You see, it is my 54th birthday on Saturday, and I was very surprised!! It is so unlike him to take off two weeks of vacation from work at a time, and so close together. I have to believe God has plans, and I am so excited. I will take more books and look for opportunities. God willing, He will use me again.

Grace and Blessings,


The Cruise; Book number two

Shortly after my first encounter with giving away a book, my husband and I went to the barbeque being served on Cococay for lunch. We sat down with our plates at a picnic table. Beginning to eat, we were joined by a couple who sat across from us. They shared with us that they came with two friends; their Pastor and his wife. I knew this was again, no 'chance' encounter. My thoughts drifted to the book and what God would have me say. Often my nerves get the best of me. I do not want to ever come across as prideful when telling someone I have a book out. I know, without a doubt, this book is His not mine. Even saying the words "I have a book out" is often hard for me. We began talking and shared where we were from, and then their friends joined us. I wrestled with whether or not I should bring the book up. Finally the thought went through my mind that if I did not step out in faith that I might miss the chance for God to use the book and me. I did bring it up and it was well received. I not only left the second book I had brought on the trip with them, but received a call asking for another book to be sent.

God's voice and strength lives inside of all believers and we are often called to step out in faith to do His will. Stepping out will not always be easy but can come with the great blessing of feeling His presence as we do His will.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Cruise; Book number one

Last week I was on a cruise with my husband. Before I went I felt God encourging me to bring two books. I had gone through seven days of the trip and still had both books. On the seventh and last day I woke up thinking of missed oportunities. I thought that maybe I had been so caught up in the wonderful places I was visiting and this beautiful ship I was on, that I had missed who these books were to be given to. My husband and I boarded a small boat and went to the last island we would visit, Cococay. I could not stop thinking about the two books. I spoke to God sitting on the beach that day saying "I want to do your will with the books Lord, and not miss an opportunity". I decided to go look at the things the locals were selling on the beach. I walked through a booth with a Christian music station playing. As I was leaving I told the Lord I wanted to buy something at this booth. Well, something caught my eye just as I was stepping out of the booth, (God is so good) and yes I bought it. The best part was not the cute swimsuit wrap I found, but the man that helped me with the purchase started talking about our Lord and sharing how good He is. I walked away knowing I was coming back to leave the first of the books with him.

Maybe I did miss oppurtunities on this trip, but our God is so good to let us have the opportunity to serve Him again and again. What an honor.

The art show

I went to view a friends' art work that was on display at one of our local gift stores. I shared with her that my book had come out. I pulled it out of my purse to show it to her when someone shopping overheard us. She asked if she could see the book, so I let her have a look. As she looked it over she began to share with me the story of the funeral she would soon be attending. A friends' daughter had lost her husband while he was working out of the country. It was a tragic and very sad death and his wife was pregnant with their first child. The lady that I met in the gift store bought the book that day. I was told that the young widow gave birth to a little girl around the holidays and the book has become part of the memories she will share with this little girl someday.

The lady from the gift store has become a good friend of mine. She continues to share the book "I'll See You in Heaven", with many as they go through grief of their own.


Friday, May 1, 2009

Welcome to May

I pray this will be a blessed month for all. For those of you grieving, I pray this month will bring healing; That this month will breath new life and strength into you as each of you experience the beauty of God's creation's coming into bloom.
God Bless all,