Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Christmas books

It was a couple of weeks before Christmas. My daughter had been given a massage gift certificate. She asked if I would join her, and of course, I did! Who doesn't love a good massage, and I very seldom get one, so this was going to be a real treat! I discovered quickly the young women I got that day would not be the woman that gave me the massage of my life that I was looking forward to. Instead she became an opportunity to speak of the hope and healing that only our God can bring.

She shared with me it had been one year since the death of her 14 year old sister. She spoke of how difficult this time of the year was for her and her family. Her sister was killed crossing the street getting off a bus after a long day of Christmas shopping. She also shared that her sister had accepted Christ as her Savior not long before dying. She was not sure about all this salvation "stuff" as she explained to me. We talked for the entire hour. I returned the next week to leave some books. I know without a doubt this meeting was orchestrated by God. It is no mistake that just a couple of weeks before the time we would celebrate His birth, He would reach out to bring comfort and the hope of heaven to a grieving family.

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