Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sherri's Testimony of "I'll see you in Heaven"

Sherri Albert has written-
My friend was 7 months pregnant and her husband had just lost his life tragically. This little book has has been added to her daughter's keepsakes of her father that she will never have the opportunity to know and love. My friend and her family are Christians and your book was really very special to them.
I have given it to several people already that have lost a loved one.
One of my friend's son died at 29 last year of cancer. I mailed the book to her and put her son's picture in it. After she received it she called me crying and telling me how special this book was for her and her husband.
Another dear friend of mine who just lost her husband-could not get over how special this little book is. Having the picture of her husband put in the "picture frame" in the back ot the book was so appreciated by her.
There is not another book out there I am aware of that comes from the view of the deceased side.

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