Sunday, January 25, 2009

My testimony

In 2001 Fran Lance visited to speak prophesy over the women in a bible study I was involved in at my church. I was surprised when she took my hands and said "you write". I quickly said “no, I am not a writer”. She simply replied "do you write something? Do you journal, anything?” Fran told me that when she touched my hands she clearly saw writing. She said that God had something for me to write and that He would give me the ideas, and guide me from there. Fran ended it by saying she had no idea when any of this would all happen.

I went home that day with my little white tape recording of what she said, and laughed as I told my family "I am going to write someday". I had no desire to write and I was sure I had no gifts in this area, but there was still a part of me that knew without a doubt that if God wanted me to write, I would, and this made me excited.

One and a half years later, I awoke one morning with a dream of a book, which is now, "I'll See You in Heaven". I actually saw written pages of the book. I saw scripture that was to be in the book, and I saw some of the artwork. I even saw at the end of the book a place to put the picture of the loved one that had passed away with the phrase, "I'll See You in Heaven".

I told my husband Daryl and he told me to write it down. I did and tucked it away in a drawer. For the next two years when I would open the drawer, I prayed over my notes, telling the Lord if He wanted it to be a book He was going to have to make it happen.

My prayers continued, and in 2006 my sister called to tell me that at her college, my niece Jaime had been prophesied over that she was going to be a writer. Soon after, Jaime and I met over a cup of coffee and she told me she loved the idea behind the book and wanted to be a part of it. Jaime took home what God had given me and she began to see what God gave her as she wrote more of what was to be in the book. We met again to pray over the manuscript so that God would reveal His final words for the book.

God started showing us our path and met our every need. First, a professor and published writer from Jaime's college asked if she could see what we had. We met with her and she affirmed us, saying simply, "write this". Next, we needed a publisher. The professor gave us the name of a company and days later we submitted a manuscript. Our graphic artist, Jessica, is a friend of Jaime’s and attends my church. Our photographer was Jessica’s sister. When we needed a cover and had only days to complete it, I was awoken by an image the Lord gave me of a pocket watch. I spent the next day photographing my husband's pocket watch which now sits beautifully on the cover. The scripture Ecclesiastes 3:2, "A time to be born; a time to die", was part of this vision, and is the idea behind the watch. For the artwork, I had mentioned that I felt sepia would be the style in a meeting with Jaime and Jessica. Jaime said she was thinking the same thing, and Jessica even showed up with samples of sepia pieces she had! This was the kind of confirmation we continually encountered as we walked the journey together.

"I'll See You in Heaven" was released in September of 2007, and is a beautiful book that ministers to those in the midst of grief. It is written from the perspective of a loved one that has passed. The book portrays a tangible and biblical glimpse into Heaven. It is meant to bring the hope of reuniting with loved ones to those who have suffered loss. It all started with prophesy, became a vision, and is now a book that is already being divinely used by God.

Vickie Funston

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