Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hearing the Voice of the Lord

My husband and I were on our way over to our cabin in Eastern Washington. I put a book in my purse just in case I met someone who might be in need of it. I want to do the will of God with the book, and I know it is such a miracle just to be apart of it. My husband was driving and I was enjoying the beautiful colors of the trees when a thought passed through my mind. I would meet someone God wanted me to give the book "I'll see you in Heaven" to. I actually said in my head "God, if this is you, I want to be obedient". I questioned if this was my voice I was hearing or God's voice. Thinking I was just talking to myself, I almost dismissed this thought but again heard the voice of the Lord speak to me that He wanted me to do this.

We got to our cabin and decided to go into town and get something to eat. I was sitting in a chair when I first noticed the blonde woman with angel pins on her jacket. As I looked over at her my heart began to beat faster and faster. It was at this time I realized she was the one the book was for. Fear came all over me in an instant. Satan is always actively working to stop the plans the Father has for his people. All I could think was "I want to be obedient Father. Please give me strength". Before I knew it, I was approaching her and telling her I liked the angel pins. This started a conversation where she shared with me her story; The story of how her, her husband, son, and grandson were on their way to a wedding when a drunk driver hit them head on, killing her son and her grandson. She held her grandson in her arms as he passed away.
I reached in my purse and pulled out the book and told her "God told me to give this to you". We both started to cry. She loved the book, and was so moved by it. She ordered a few to have available for personal use for those she encounters on her journey as a speaker for MADD in schools in her area.

I saw for the first time that day how God was going to call me into obedience again and again to reach out to those He loves so dearly using the book.

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